As Highbury College celebrates the 14th annual National Apprenticeship Week, we’ve been finding out how a college work experience placement led to a Level 3 apprenticeship for computing student Joe Bateman.

Cybrid Solutions National Apprenticeship Week 2021

Only a month into his apprenticeship at Cybrid Solutions, Havant, Joe shared why he chose to take the next step and start a Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship Standard.

He said: “My colleagues were friendly, supportive and always willing to assist me when I found the work difficult. As well as answering any questions I had about the job and about my apprenticeship.

“It introduced me to a professional work environment whilst still allowing me to learn at my own pace. It has also helped to build my confidence as I'm talking to customers and clients daily."

As part of his apprenticeship, Joe will complete block online learning sessions with the College while working as a Junior IT/Helpdesk Engineer at Cybrid Solutions.

Operations Director of Cybrid Solutions James Cook said: “At Cybrid we don’t just bring people in to make tea and coffee (although it is a bonus), IT is a very deep pool with many lanes – and as a managed service provider, it’s in at the deep end for our apprentices.

“Joe has proven himself to have the right ethos from the start and that’s something that can’t be taught, he has taken up every challenge we’ve set so far, you can tell when someone wants to learn, they ask all the right questions!

“Joe has already become a solid member of the team and we look forward to seeing another high calibre engineer emerge over time!”

The College’s Employment Services team is passionate about creating tailor-made programmes that not only fulfil a business’s particular requirements, but also ensure Highbury’s apprentices receive industry leading qualifications. The team is also on hand to guide employers through the recruitment and sign-up process, provide financial guidance and advise on the latest government reforms.

This year’s theme for National Apprenticeship Week is “Build the Future”, which aims to encourage aspiring apprentices to consider how apprenticeships help build the skills, knowledge and experience required for a rewarding career.

Joe added: “If I ever had any questions about the company I was applying for, or about apprenticeships in general, Highbury always responded quickly to answer any questions I had. The College also assisted me with creating my CV and sending it out, as well as making sure I was informed frequently about any advances with my apprenticeship.”

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  • Date 08/02/2021