Artwork created by Foundation Prospects students is to be featured in Portsmouth Festivities thanks to blind artist Clarke Reynolds.

Clarke enlisted the Arundel Centre students to help him with his art installation, Eye Sea Squares 20-20.

As part of the art project, Clarke has been asking community members to create tactile tapestry squares of their interpretation of Portsmouth while being inspired by the sounds of the sea.

Clarke has been holding workshops across the city and will combine the squares to produce a patchwork quilt in the shape of a wave – he anticipates it will take around 2,000 squares to complete the project.

As a former art student of Highbury College, the severely sight impaired artist was keen to return to the College to hold one of his workshops.

Clarke said: “I loved my workshop here, I always wanted to be a teacher. It was brilliant working with the students. I can see that not many of the students have sewing experience, but they’ve been patient with me and I’ve been patient with them. It’s been fantastic.”

The exhibition will be available to view at Aspex Gallery on Sunday 23rd June.

Prospects student Hannah Cowdrey said: “The workshop was very relaxing and we got to learn more about sewing and creative art. Clarke is a very nice person and he’s talked to us and helped us if we’re stuck. I’ve enjoyed it because I could focus on the sounds of the sea and envision what it is and put those sounds on the material.”

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To learn more about Clarke Reynolds and his story, check out the BBC video news segment by clicking here

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  • Date 08/05/2019