Can you give Highbury students the opportunity to learn and develop in a real-world working environment?

Highbury College is looking for local employers to provide extended work experience opportunities to a number of students across the engineering, IT, automotive, creative, professional services, business and catering sectors.

If your business is looking to recruit an apprentice or junior member of staff, offering a work experience placement is a great way to see how a potential recruit performs and ensure they are a good fit for your company.


  • Minimum of 45 days / 8 weeks working with an employer (can be longer)
  • Usually 2 days a week but can be flexible to meet your needs
  • The tasks completed during the placement must link to the student’s learning outcomes


  • Develop the skills and experience of a Level 2 or 3 student with possible future recruitment in mind
  • Trial potential apprentices or employees with an extended work placement
  • Secure future talent to recruit the best students for your business
  • No financial cost
  • Gain a young fresh perspective on your working practices
  • Free promotion of placement and your business
  • Full support with your extended work experience placement is provided

If you are interested in becoming a work experience partner please call 023 9238 3131 or email

Article Details

  • Date 13/06/2018