A former automotive student is looking to share his success nearly 20 years after he first started his apprenticeship through Highbury College.

Foreman and Site Manager David Harman smiling and holding a car part in front of an open bonnet

David Harman said it was his father, also a former Highbury student, who encouraged him to embark on a career in the motor trade.

After completing the full-time NVQ Level 1 and 2 qualifications in college, David started an apprenticeship with Vauxhall in 1999, the same garage he now works for as Foreman and Site Manager.

David said: “Apprenticeships are great because they provide you with a source of income when you are young. They also provide regular real-time experience and a stepping stone into professional life.”

He continued: “When I first started at Highbury, I didn’t know the difference between an exhaust and a battery. I was really grateful for the lecturers I had at the time. They always made the extra time for me if I didn’t understand anything and were always very patient and went the extra mile. I felt the apprenticeship really helped me with my maths and English. Without a doubt, Highbury gave me real employability skills.

“Highbury has got a good reputation and is one of the best motor vehicle training centres in the south. I know many ex-Highbury students that are well established and successful in the motor trade locally. I feel it’s so important to invest in local talent.”

David would also like to offer a helping hand to those following in his footsteps, adding: “I would genuinely like to give students and apprentices at Highbury the opportunity to gain work experience here at Vauxhall to give them something to put on their CV.”

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  • Date 12/09/2018