Welcome to the governance section of the Highbury College website.

Here you can access information on the Corporation and its Committees, our governance policies and procedures, minutes of meetings and details of how to become a governor.

The Corporation (or governing body) is responsible for the educational character, mission and strategic direction of the College; it determines policy and monitors the performance of the College.

The governors are from a wide variety of backgrounds; they include representatives from the community, business and local authority as well as two staff governors, nominated and elected by staff and two student governors. Together they form a robust and enthusiastic team, committed to the success of all our students and determined to bring the best of their personal expertise, experience and strategic skills to maximise the future of Highbury College and the communities it serves.

Highbury College governors include:

  • Lisa Burt (Staff)
  • Fiona Calderbank 
  • Max Craft
  • Parviz Daneshvar
  • Howard Slidel
  • Stella Mbubaegbu (Principal)
  • Tom McCaffery (Student)
  • Andrew Minter
  • Drusilla Moody
  • John Rees-Evans
  • Sue Ward
  • Nicola Youern (Chair)

For further information, or if you feel that you could contribute to the work of the College by being a governor please contact:

Kirstie Hopkins, Corporate Support Officer, on 02392 328 970 or email kirstie.hopkins@highbury.ac.uk

Nicki Youern – Chair of Governors – Highbury College

Nicola Youern

Chair of Governors

Governance Portal

Governors can now access official Highbury College documentation via the Governance Portal. This is a password protected area. Please contact Kirstie Hopkins if you have any difficulties using the portal.


Corporation Membership – November 2016


Governance Corporation Structure – July 2016


Membership of Corporation Committees – November 2016


All Committee Terms of Reference – March 2015

Terms of Reference Relating to the Corporation’s Committees… (PDF)

Standing Orders for the Conduct of Business of the Corporation (The Governors)

Approved by Corporation, 30 October 2016 (PDF)

Role Description & Person Specification – July 2014

Governors play a crucial role in the success of Highbury College. They share the collective responsibilities of the Corporation, including determining the College’s educational character…(PDF)

Procedure for Appointment of Governors – April 2014

With the exception of Staff and Student Governors, Governors shall only be appointed by Corporation following a recommendation from Search Committee…(PDF)


Finance Committee Meeting Minutes – 26 April 2016

Minutes of a Meeting of the Finance Committee of the Corporation held at Highbury College, Portsmouth at 4.20pm on Tuesday 26 April 2016 (PDF)

Corporation Meeting Minutes – 22 March 2016

Minutes of the Corporation Meeting held at the College at 5.00 pm on 22 March 2016 (PDF)

Search Committee Meeting Minutes – 22 March 2016

Minutes of a Meeting of the Search Committee of the Corporation Held at Highbury College, Portsmouth at 4.00pm on Tuesday 22 March 2016 (PDF)

Audit Committee Meeting Minutes – 07 March 2015

Minutes of the Audit Committee Meeting of the Corporation held at the College at 4.15 pm on Monday 07 March 2016 (PDF)