Highbury College's Students' Union (HCSU) exists to help you get the most out of College life, and is run by student officers elected by you.

All students studying at Highbury are members of the Union, and can benefit from access to a variety of free services including welfare advice, information, social activities and entertainment. HCSU also plays a vital role in student representation and communication within the College.

Who's who in the SU?

The Union is comprised of five officers: a sabbatical president plus four supporting officers who are involved with all areas of the Union. Everyone meets fortnightly throughout the year in a forum known as the Union Management Board (UMB).

Freshers’ day

The Union's first event of the year is Freshers’ Day, which is in September. Freshers’ day is an event for new students where you can join clubs, societies, and sports teams, and get your NUS card.

Charity work

Each year the Union sets itself a target of £1,000 for charity donations. In the past we gave the Rocky Appeal a cheque in excess of £1,500. This money was raised through our Uniform Day - where students' and staff paid to wear a uniform for the day or were fined if they did not - and the Fashion Show. The Fashion Show was put together by the Hair & Beauty department of the College with the Union providing a small supporting role. Similar events are planned for this year, we'll keep you posted! If you have any ideas or would like Union involvement in something you already have planned, let us know.


Highbury's Union runs an array of free activities, designed to give you the opportunity to learn new skills or improve existing ones. The programme of activities is called enrichment, and it reflects activities requested by students - so keep us informed if there is something you want us to offer, as the range of activities on offer is being constantly reviewed.

Some activities lead to qualifications, such as the Community Sports Leader Award; others, like our Student Community Action Group, benefit the community. The enrichment programme has other activities purely for entertainment, such as the drama group or fashion show. To find out what's on offer this year contact 02392 383 131.


HCSU takes its responsibility towards health very seriously, and works hard to raise awareness about health issues throughout the year. The Union has been involved in promoting the College Meningitis vaccination programme and the Portsmouth Chlamydia testing programme, both of which were very successful. This year the Union is planning to step up its health promotion programme and will be liaising closely with Portsmouth Health Promotions to keep you informed of the latest information & developments.

If you would like to speak to a mentor or a member of our Emotional Support Team, please click here for more information.

Pick up your TOTUM discount card

TOTUM overs more than 250 online and in-store discounts. Your TOTUM card (previously NUS Extra) entitles you to student discounts in loads of places, such as shops, cinemas, bowling alleys and leisure centres. TOTUM Digital is free and available to verified UK students. Sign up to TOTUM and make sure you download the TOTUM app to make the most of your TOTUM Digital membership. Check out the TOTUM website for more info on other benefits that you may be entitled to.

Contact us

If you wish to speak to a specific Officer, contact the SU President who can arrange an appointment. You can also visit the Union office during opening hours, Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.

Highbury Campus, first floor recreation area Contact: 02392 328 734 Email: students.union@highbury.ac.uk

Want to become an SU Officer?

HCSU believes that your course should always come first, but if you’re interested in taking on extra responsibility, the Union is always looking for potential officers. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to become more involved with the Union and the students it represents. To find out more contact the Union direct, details listed below.