If you're unsure about starting or returning to College, check out our frequently asked questions.

If you have a question which is not included below, please email info@highbury.ac.uk and our advice team will be in touch.

Q1. When does College start?

A.The 20/21 term dates can be found here.

Depending on your course you may be invited to an induction session at the relevant campus. Some of you will be invited to an online induction. Your tutor will be in touch with details of your start date in late August. Full-time teaching starts in the week commencing 7th September. Part-time courses start from the 14th September.

Q2. Can I still apply for a course or apprenticeship at the College?

A. Yes you can. If you have just finished school, a course at another college or wish to return to education after a break, please click here to browse our courses and make an application online.

If you are a current Highbury student and wish to return for another year please email the Admissions Team at info@highbury.ac.uk. Please include your name, date of birth, student number and name of the course you wish to start.

Q3. Can I get some advice before I decide on which course is right for me?

A. Yes you can. Please contact the Admissions Team at info@highbury.ac.uk or if you would like specialist careers advice to support you in achieving you career goals please email careers@highbury.ac.uk.

Q4. If I have already been offered a place at College when can I enrol?

A. Most new students/applicants and progressing students will be asked to enrol online.

If you are already a student at the College, you will receive an email from one of our Admissions officers, asking you to complete all your enrolment documentation. This will happen from the beginning of July onwards.

If you are intending to be a new student, you will receive an email asking that you email a copy of your GCSE results to us. A teacher will then call you in the week beginning 24th of August to confirm your course and email you your enrolment documentation for you to complete.

If you have applied for a full-time study programme please email your results to qualevidence@highbury.ac.uk with:
- your name, date of birth and the course you wish to start
- your statement of results, grades awarded by your school or exam certificates
- a passport style photo of yourself with a white background.

Your new tutor will be calling you in the next few days to confirm your results, course details and the date of your first lesson. This may be in college or online.

After this, you are ready to enrol on your course.

The enrolment paperwork will be emailed to you. Please complete and return this as soon as possible.

On your first day in college, your tutor will give you your student ID card and full timetable.

A small number of new students/applicants and progressing students will be asked to visit the College to enrol. You will be contacted by the Admissions Team if you are one of these people.

Q5. I’ve already applied but haven’t been contacted, what should I do?

A. Email info@highbury.ac.uk with your name, date of birth and a contact phone number and our Admissions Team will call you back.

Q6. I’ve applied for an apprenticeship – will it start in September?

A. The Covid-19 pandemic may mean that some employers will change their plans about apprenticeships. This may affect start dates. The College is currently contacting all apprenticeship employers to get updated information. If you have any questions about your apprenticeship please email employmentservices@highbury.ac.uk.

Q7. What if my GCSE results are better or worse than expected?

A. Don’t worry. Whatever your GCSE results the College will be able to offer you an appropriate course.

Q8. I have not been able to take GCSE examinations will this affect my application to College?

A. No the College will accept the results awarded to you in August by the exam boards.

Q9. When does the new College academic year start?

A. Your induction to College and teaching will start in the week beginning the 7th September.

Q10. Will I be asked to go into College to attend lessons?

A. It is likely that your course will be made up of a mixture of online learning and learning in College. We will follow government advice about how many learners can attend College at the same time. Your tutors will communicate how you are expected to attend once the new term starts.

Q. When and how will I get my student ID card?

A. Your student ID card will be issued by your tutor.

Q11. What measures have been put in place to keep me safe while at College?

A. To keep you safe, when you arrive at College you will be asked to take your temperature and wash/sanitise your hands. While in College you will be asked to keep 2 metres apart from other people and wear a face covering in communal areas. The rooms you use will be regularly cleaned with virucide sanitiser. Some staff will wear personal protective equipment to keep both you and them safe.

Q12. Should I wear a mask when I am at College?

A. Yes. We are asking all staff, students and visitors to wear face coverings in communal college areas. This is across all three campuses. We ask students, staff and visitors to bring their own masks or face covering but disposable masks will be available if forgotten. 

In certain teaching and learning environments e.g. hair salon additional personal protective equipment will be a requirement and will be provided.

Q13. Is there help available if I am anxious when I return to College?

A. The College has staff trained to offer emotional support to all learners. You will be able to make an appointment with one of these staff (the mentoring team) if you are experiencing problems of any type.

Q14. Can I get financial help with the costs of starting or returning to College?

A. Yes, the College can offer many students help with the costs of attending. This can include help with the cost of travel, childcare, equipment needed for your course and meals. To find out more about financial help contact student.finance@highbury.ac.uk.

Q15. What will happen with Free College Meals in September?

A. If you are entitled to Free College Meals you will be provided with a free meal for the days you attend college or you will be given a voucher/card or money will be paid into your bank account so that you can buy food. To find out more please email student.finance@highbury.ac.uk.

Q16. If I have special educational needs will I get help with my course work?

A. The College has a team of learning support staff who help students and apprentices with learning difficulties and disabilities. If you think you will need additional support when at College, if you have not already done so, please let us know. You can tell us during the enrolment process.

Q17. How should I travel to College – should I avoid the bus?

A. The safer option is to avoid all types of public transport when possible (bus, train, taxi, ferry).However, if you do need to use public transport make sure you have hand sanitiser that you use before, during and after the journey. You should also use a mask (unless you have a health condition which makes breathing more difficult) and try to keep your distance from other people.