Highbury College Careers Programme

Highbury College has embedded a stable and structured programme of careers education & guidance available to all students and apprentices, and headed by a Careers Leader qualified to Level 7. Through this programme all students and apprentices have access to labour market information via the embedded labour market information portal, Careerometer. It is Matrix accredited and advice and guidance is tailored to the needs of each student and apprentice and embeds equality & diversity to challenge stereotypical thinking and raise aspirations.

Careers education is embedded within the College curriculum including the College tutorial programme which also reflects the importance of employability skills and maths and English for future progression. Every student and apprentice will have opportunities to learn from employers about relevant skills valued in the work place. This is achieved through a programme of work placements, visiting speakers and themed weeks (such as employability week) and careers fairs.

All students and apprentices will have the opportunity to find out about their Higher Education options though various activities including the University Academy programme, university fairs, higher apprenticeship providers and mock assessment days.

Every student, apprentice and their parents have access to an individual personal guidance meeting or telephone conversation with a Careers Adviser. This is available at all campuses at times suitable for the student/apprentice. Tailored support is available for those students who have additional needs.

Careers Advice

Any questions about careers or where to look for a job, our Careers Team offers impartial, confidential advice about your options for employment and further training. The team can help with:

  • Making the right choice of career, course or training opportunity
  • Planning a course of action to help you achieve your career aims
  • Applying for college and university courses

What next?

Highbury's Careers Service is located at Highbury Campus and is open Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-4.30pm. Careers Adviser appointments are also available at Highbury Northarbour Centre and Highbury Arundel Centre.

To book an appointment please call 02392 383 131 or email careers@highbury.ac.uk.

Evening appointments can also be arranged.



Welcome to the careerometer – the tool that lets you compare the average wages and working hours of up to three jobs in England.

How to use the careerometer

Simply type in the first career that you think you might be interested in and select from the drop down list, then add your second choice to see the comparison.