Good mental health isn’t something you have, but something you do. To be mentally healthy you must value and accept yourself.

What is wellbeing?

The joy of experiencing positive feelings about your life. The excitement of being happy, prosperous and healthy, resulting in a strong physical and psychological sense of wellbeing. Positive well-being contributes to better health.

Have fun and improve your wellbeing while studying.

  • Join the 5 Ways Programme and take part in healthy walks, poetry, art and creativity, relaxation exercises and many more activities
  • Your voice counts! Highbury College won the Leading the Learner Voice Award in 2012 for our Health & Wellbeing programme
  • Make time to do things you really enjoy!
  • Look after your mind and body - eat well and exercise, it really helps your state of mind

Use the five ways to wellbeing in your everyday life:

  • Connect
  • Be Active
  • Take Notice
  • Keep Learning
  • Give

Listen to sounds of relaxation…

Take time to relax, don't push yourself too hard! 

Our Mission:

To empower you as students through health & social wellbeing and succeed in your programmes.

How will we achieve this?

Through fun group activities and exercises that will improve your wellbeing in just 10 weeks - we measure your wellbeing and can prove to you the difference!

Information on wellbeing classes coming soon - WATCH THIS SPACE.

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