We’re delighted to invite you to the official opening of the UK’s first NetZero Training Hub, based at our North Harbour Campus, delivered in partnership with NetZero Training.

  Tuesday 12th April 2022

  8.45am-10.30am (breakfast Available!)

  NetZero Training Hub, Highbury North Harbour Training Centre, Unit 1, Southampton Rd, Portsmouth PO6 4BQ - free parking available at rear (use Compass Road to access)

Join us and Andrew Waggott, Energy Services Manager at Portsmouth City Council to tour our brand-new NetZero Training Hub facilities and learn more about:

  the UK’s sustainability skills gap

  why employers should be getting behind the decarbonisation programme and the growth opportunities available to your business

  how City of Portsmouth College (Highbury College and Portsmouth College) and NetZero Training will be supporting the UK’s Net Zero targets through an onsite learning hub, dedicated to training and upgrading skills in sustainable technologies.


Upgrading skills to upgrade properties

The need to ‘decarbonise’ our way of life is more apparent than ever. Climate change, UK Government Net Zero targets and recent global events, which have heightened concerns about our reliance on imported fossil fuels, all emphasise that its essential to take steps towards decarbonisation. And property will play a key role.

The UK’s 29 million homes will need retrofitting, gas and oil heating systems will need to be replaced by Heat Pumps, and technologies to allow the generation of and storage of energy at home will need to become commonplace: especially with the growth in ownership of electric vehicles.

However, the greatest challenge to the delivery of netzero is the availability of skilled people.

The NetZero Training Hub at City of Portsmouth College is the first of its kind in the UK. It is designed to provide courses and qualifications to equip people with the skills that they and their employers need to meet the netzero opportunity.

Working with leading manufacturers, training at the hub will cover 4 skill pathways designed around retrofitting properties:
• fabric including insulation and ventilation
• heat including Heat Pumps and Heat Batteries
• power including solar PV and Battery storage
• EV including maintenance and EV charger installation.

Manufacturers need skilled installers, and our Hub provides the opportunity to meet with some of the UK’s leading innovators to discover how their products can help your customers reduce their carbon emissions and save money.

Event Details

  • Event Date 12/04/2022