A Highbury College art & graphic design student didn’t let the Coronavirus lockdown stop her launching her dream career after selling her first painting.

Art student Hayley smiling and holding her painting of an historic building

Level 3 UAL Applied General Diploma in Art and Design student Hayley Paterson said she found the inspiration for her work after seeing a photo of a historical building in Edinburgh.

The 24-year-old said: “It is an exciting time for me as an artist and it has built my confidence in my own artistic ability. It is also overwhelming to draw something so historic.”

After finishing her course, Hayley plans on going to university to study fine art in the pursuit of successfully establishing a career as an artist. She is also considering becoming an art therapist to help others.

She added: “I would have never had the confidence to believe a career in art was a possibility before I joined Highbury. The College has been truly amazing. It's been a while since I have been in a learning environment, but I think I've thrived here and it's a really friendly environment.

“The workshops have given me chances to try out so many different mediums of art and I have finally been able to gain some experience with Adobe programmes, which is key at this point in time as an artist.

“My tutor has been incredibly supportive too. I had a very rigid art curriculum when I was at school, so there were never opportunities to explore and develop. But at Highbury I have complete creative freedom and I feel confident to be able to express and develop my art in whichever way I choose to, with the help of the amazing resources in the art department.

“I am only in my second term but it's already so clear how much I have improved my skill base. I am creating more than I ever have in my lifetime and it feels amazing to have gained the skills here to build my confidence as an artist and push boundaries a little more.”

Her art tutor, Suzie Darcel, said: “Hayley is a great student and I’m so proud of her and what she has accomplished. It’s brilliant when a student has a success like this, even more so that happened during lockdown.

“You’ll be able to see more of our students’ works of art at the Highbury College Creative Showcase, which will be taking place on Wednesday 23rd June.”

“Well done Hayley, I look forward to seeing what you achieve in the future.”

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  • Date 29/03/2021