Wall & floor tiling student Dan Carter’s focus and engagement has been rewarded after winning the College’s English Student of the Term Award.

Travel & Tourism student Todd Ferguson and Foundation Prospects student Holly Emery were named as runners-up for the award.

Dan is completing a Level 1 Diploma in Wall & Floor Tiling student while also working towards an Entry Level 3 Functional Skills in English.

Dan’s tutor and Functional Skills Lecturer, Ross McKenzie, nominated Dan for the award, saying: “What a trooper this guy is! I struggle to remember a time when he’s missed a class, online or otherwise. He is polite, engaged and focused. He doesn’t get distracted by the antics of others and always puts in maximum effort with his homework. It’s truly heart-warming to see how much progress he has made.”

Of his success, the 19-year-old said: "Thank you for nominating me for the award. I feel that I worked really hard to get there and I'm proud I have won. I feel proud of myself to have actually kept with it during the national lockdown."

Runner-up Holly's tutor, Jo Chaffin, nominated Holly for the award, saying: “Holly is always fully engaged in class and completes all work set to a high standard.  Holly engaged in all Teams lessons online and is a very proactive learner.  She will actively seek out further work and completes this independently. Holly relishes stretch and challenge and responds well to constructive feedback and guidance, enabling her to improve and develop her English skills. She is a lovely student and a joy to teach.”

Fellow runner-up Todd's tutor, Jayn Coe, nominated Todd for the award, saying: “Todd has excellent attendance and has made huge progress, both academically and emotionally. He shows up every week, engages with the lesson and is a model student. Well done Todd!”

Tess Cole, Director of Foundation and Adult Learning, said: “Congratulations to Dan for this brilliant achievement! Earning this award is a real credit to the hard work you’ve clearly put in. Well done.

“It’s also fantastic to see so many deserving students being nominated for English Student of the Term. At Highbury, our maths & English department is passionate about enhancing the life opportunities for our students, and we do our best to recognise their growing talent. Well done everybody!”

Overall, 17 students were put up for the award, including:


Dan Carter


Holly Emery

Todd Ferguson


Michael Stubbs
“Michael has improved a lot since September, he always completes tasks with maximum effort and all homework I give him. He also asks for extra work/study he can do to improve certain areas in his English and is very determined to succeed. Well done Michael.”


Joshua Redpath
“Joshua is nominated for outstanding English work and excellent reading out loud in class. Well done Joshua.”


Danny Walker
“Danny is nominated for consistent hard work in every lesson and excellent reading out loud in class. Well done Danny.”


Oakley Brunner
“Oakley gives 100% both in class and online. He always contributes well to class discussions. Keep up the good work Oakley.”


Bobbie Sinclair
“Bobbie has a positive attitude towards English GCSE and shows he can work well and take part confidently in class discussions. Keep up the good work Bobbie!”


Alfie Crichton
“Alfie has been nominated for consistent good work and positive attitude in English classes. Well done Alfie!”


Wesley Thompson
“Wesley has had good attendance this term and always works well in class. He has a great attitude and produces great work - keep it up Wesley!”


Ellie Stanhope
“Ellie consistently tries hard, has good attendance and is really polite and well behaved. An excellent role model for the other students. Well done Ellie!”


Trinity Meadows
“Trinity has really impressed me with how confident she has become. She answers questions confidently and is showing great improvement in her English skills alongside. Keep up the good work Trinity!”


Alfie Scattergood
“Alfie has been nominated for good attendance, for always getting involved in the lesson and helping his classmates. Well done Alfie!”


Chad Thompson
“Chad has been nominated for good attendance, for always getting involved in the lesson and helping his classmates. Well done Chad!”


Santina Zielinska
“Santia has been nominated for good attendance, for always getting involved in the lesson and helping their classmates. Well done Santia!”


Chloe Hill
“Chloe has shown a determination to succeed this year and was entered for both her reading & writing exams early. She has passed both which means she is ready to move to GCSE! She has a great attitude to learning and manages her home commitments alongside her studies really well. Well done Chloe!”


Kaylie Conroy
“Currently working round the clock delivering vaccinations, Kaylie also has time to squeeze in my adult GCSE Tuesday evening English classes. Her willingness to participate, often with refreshing humour and honesty never fail to lift my spirits after a challenging day. Her willingness to participate emboldens others to do so, leading to me having a truly enjoyable class. Well done and thank you Kaylie!”


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  • Date 20/01/2021