Highbury childcare students have launched the NHSocktopus Challenge to inspire youngsters within the community.

Young children holding their Highbury NHSoctopus creations

Local children are being challenged to create octopuses out of old socks and decorating them in support of the NHS.

The Level 3 Childcare & Education students have worked hard to create a fun and innovative activity to engage parents and children during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Level 3 student Leanne Armitage said: “I really enjoyed the socktopus challenge, it was really fun and creative. It helped show me that during a pandemic, we can still be creative and incorporate activities to spread awareness and thanks that the NHS deserve.

“I’ve already spread the word down my road and made a few socktopi for the children. One mother said her child now sleeps with it and says thank you to all the NHS workers in their prayers. This will impact many children as it will allow them to be aware of the seriousness of the pandemic while doing something fun.”

The students are encouraging children to hang their socktopi in their front windows for other children to spot during their daily walk.

Fellow classmate Charlotte Deans said: “It was simple, easy, fun and creative to make. It helps us show our support and thanks to the carers, nurses and doctors risking their lives to save others.”

Classmate Jessica-Jane Cullimore added: “I really enjoyed the NHSocktopus Challenge as it was something I got my whole family to join in on. It was such a creative way to express our gratitude to those who are putting their lives at risk daily to save us and to show that their bravery does not go unnoticed.”

Lecturer in Childcare & Education Becky Flake said: “I am really proud of each student who demonstrated great involvement, imagination and creativity creating the NHSocktopus challenge for children in the community during this challenging time. It was great to see their younger siblings getting involved and making such wonderful creations to celebrate and thank the NHS heroes. The students hope that this challenge will spread some fun and new enjoyment into the community. They should feel very proud of themselves.”

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  • Date 07/05/2020