Art & Design students from Highbury College have been finding out what it takes to plan, organise and launch an art exhibition at the Aspex Gallery  in Portsmouth.

Students Exhibit Art at Aspex Gallery

The Level 3 students were given the opportunity to work alongside professional artist Maggie Roberts (aka Mer) and her new work 'Uncanny Valley, Difficult Kin'.

The students were invited to contribute to the exhibition with their own artwork, exploring the continuum between the human and the non-human, a mix of the organic, the engineered and the synthetic.

Daniela Skinner, Participation and Learning Manager at Aspex, commented: "The students have been brilliant and they’ve worked really hard. They have focused on the different aspects of creating a contemporary space and the work they produced is very impressive. We’re very proud of the exhibition they have created.”

This is the third year the College and Aspex Gallery have worked together to provide students real-world opportunities and experience.

Student Liz Walker added: “My time at the gallery has been overwhelmingly positive, I’m a lot more confident as an artist, not just thanks to attending Highbury College, but I am even more confident after coming to Aspex. I feel I understand the processes and steps which go towards actually creating a career as a professional artist, which is what I plan to do.

The exhibition of the students’ work will run alongside the main exhibition which is open until the 23rd June.

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Right to left (top to bottom): Manoela Mota, Liz Walker, Daniel Cole.

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  • Date 15/05/2019