Highbury’s digital media students continued celebrating the College’s 55th birthday with a Doctor Who media project.

Level 3 creative media production students were challenged to design and produce the most creative Doctor Who trailer in the style of the original 1960s series. They had the option of creating a trailer in colour or black and white, and also whether or not to produce a modern version with references to the original style. The first Doctor Who episode aired on the BBC on the 23rd November 1963, titled An Unearthly Child, which was the same year the College opened.

Focus Productions won first place with its promotional video, Doctor Who – A New War:



Of the winning promotional video, judges commented:

The trailer had an excellent narrative with references to the 1960s and present-day gender change of Doctor Who. It had good use of black and white to represent the transition to modern day. There was a good combination of graphics and text with video footage making a strong connection to Doctor Who and features recognisable elements to give the trailer context. Excellent job, well done.



Check out the runners-up videos below:

The production teams included:

Focus Productions:

Nichola Amy
Jasmine Jessey
Max Swatton
Harvey Hung
Shannon Bergon-Panechou
Jade Luthor

Hopeless Productions:

Luke Dancey
Jordan Woodman
Cameron Hill
Ryan Forrest
Jack o' Brien
Jack Rogers
Victoria Scanlan
Erin Luff

More Media:

Chloe Lacey
Chloe Jones
Morgan-Rose Green
Joe Hardy
Oliver How
Max Davies
Fran Carino

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  • Date 13/11/2018