In 2011 Staff and students at Highbury College celebrated the outcome of our Ofsted inspection, which graded the College as ‘outstanding' across all five cross-college areas:

  • Overall effectiveness of provision - Outstanding grade 1
  • Capacity to improve - Outstanding grade 1
  • Outcomes for learners - Outstanding grade 1
  • Quality of provision - Outstanding grade 1
  • Leadership and management - Outstanding grade 1

The outstanding grade is the highest possible grade awarded by Ofsted and shows that we’re succeeding in all cross-college aspects of our work.

The Ofsted inspection During May 2011 the College was inspected by HMI Tony Noonan and his team of Ofsted inspectors. The inspection report looked into key areas of college life which included the overall effectiveness of provision, capacity to improve, outcomes for learners, quality of provision, leadership and management, safeguarding, and equality and diversity. 

Highbury was graded as outstanding in all five cross-college areas. ESOL, Hair & Beauty and Health & Social Care were also graded as outstanding, while Construction was graded as good (grade 2) with outstanding features.

Some of the main findings from the Ofsted report are:
“Outcomes for students are outstanding”
“Students receive outstanding care, guidance and support”
“The vast majority of students enjoy their time in college and complete their courses successfully”
“Retention, pass and success rates are very high for students of all ages and at all levels. They are above the national averages for all subject areas, in many cases significantly higher”

In addition the HMI Ofsted inspectors concluded that:

  • Outcomes for students are outstanding
  • Students have very high standards of work and develop very good practical and work-related skills
  • Students fully enjoy their time in college and many develop greater self-confidence and self-esteem
  • An extensive range of courses provides students with good opportunities for progression
  • Staff value students' views
  • The college makes an outstanding contribution to community cohesion. Many students participate in voluntary and charity work and make a strong contribution to the local community

Speaking on the published report, Highbury College's Principal and Chief Executive Stella Mbubaegbu said, “On behalf of everyone at the College I would like to say how proud I am of what Highbury College has achieved, what our students have achieved and what our staff and governors have achieved. It is a fantastic report!”

“Highbury's Mission is to enable all our students to succeed. Our unwavering focus on this Mission is the key to our success. Everything we do is at the heart of this.”

“I am most proud of the fact that Ofsted have judged that our outcomes for students are outstanding. This means that students are achieving their certificates and their learning goals and are progressing on to further study or in to employment. It also means that students are gaining the skills they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive world.”

“We are at the heart of our community and serve all the people of Portsmouth. The success of our community depends on the success of its citizens. We believe that this is the part we play to make Portsmouth a great waterfront city and a great place to live, work and visit.”

“I hope the outcome of this report will inspire more students to come to Highbury and achieve their ambitions, serve their community and be the best that they can be.”

Download the full report.

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  • Date 05/06/2011