Highbury College is proud to be a part of the Collab Group, a forward-thinking organisation representing 36 of the leading colleges from across the UK. The group is committed to driving forward the delivery of high-quality technical and professional education.

The Collab Group of Colleges is excited to announce a partnership with Tarmac to develop and deliver an apprenticeship skills programme that will, in time, set the benchmark for the wider construction industry.

The partnership will see Collab Group colleges support Tarmac’s apprenticeship training needs across multiple service areas, including: housing, civil engineering, aggregates, logistics, aviation, water, energy, rail, commercial, education, defence, ports and utilities.

Tarmac, the UK’s leading construction materials and manufacturing business, and its 7,200 employees, have been at the forefront of many notable infrastructure projects, garnering a reputation as a leader within the construction industry. They have evidenced a strong commitment to foster the next generation of talent, encapsulated best in their membership of the 5% Club: an initiative designed to increase the number of young people in the workforce.

Tarmac’s commitment to recruiting and developing talented people through apprenticeships makes a partnership with the Collab Group a natural fit. Collab Group colleges are expert at delivering high-quality training and apprenticeships that equip learners with the skills they need to succeed. This partnership will leverage Collab Group’s unique national delivery network to provide an apprenticeship programme that is flexible and responsive to Tarmac’s long-term skills needs.

Ian Pretty – Collab Group’s CEO said: ‘Collab Group is delighted to announce this partnership with Tarmac. We look forward to collaborating to identify and deliver solutions to their complex workforce needs. We are confident that by working in partnership, our colleges will provide Tarmac with a sustainable pipeline of highly skilled talent that will add considerable value to their business. Tarmac recognises the vital role that apprenticeships can play in creating a truly modern workforce. This is where Collab Group colleges are uniquely able to deliver an apprenticeship programme that has national reach, provides flexibility and has strong quality assurance. This is a great opportunity for our colleges and we look forward to working with Tarmac to deliver the skilled workforce that they need.’

Peter Kay – Tarmac’s Head of Learning and Development said: “We are passionate about careers in construction and manufacturing, and believe that apprenticeships play a vital role in bringing new, talented people at all stages of their career into this exciting sector. We’re very pleased to be working with Collab Group to share the varied career opportunities that Tarmac offers with a range of leading colleges across the UK.”

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  • Date 17/10/2017