The times, they are a changing, and at Highbury, as always, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve.

Just one example of this is the teaching of Maths. Nadim Bakhshov, Head of the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Highbury College, has recently had an article published in Intuition suggesting an alternative approach to the traditional topic-based approach to the teaching of Maths.

The alternative approach takes the best of the traditional approaches and broadens the skillset for students by placing maths teaching in a problem-solving framework.

“Mathematics was not born in a vacuum,” he says. “The advantage of moving to a problem-based framework is simple: it provides the basic context for students to engage the subject. They often find themselves encouraged to ask for reasons and justifications, to ask ‘why’. They begin to recognise that mastery of technique is not sufficient for success. Their focus begins to move to the ‘endgame’, the problems they need to solve.

“The learning of mathematics is made richer and more valuable. It simplifies the question of dealing with what to teach.”

Nadim says his approach has been tested with students and shown to employers and has been massively well-received.

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  • Date 15/10/2015