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Highbury College takes Maths and English development very seriously, in fact we were the only FE college in the South of the country to offer the new GCSE 9 – 1 Maths and English last year when the qualification was first released! We are pleased to report that we had excellent success and our teaching staff are now leading the way with the delivery of these courses, staying one-step ahead and delivering fun, interactive and meaningful lessons. We help all of our students, young and old to improve their skills to help them enhance their life opportunities. Maths and English are valued very highly by employers and are crucial to your future prospects at College, University, work, training and life in general.

Specialist Teachers

At Highbury College, our maths and English teaching is all delivered by highly specialist, experienced teachers.

Maths and English Hub Areas

The College has specialist Maths and English Hub areas where all of the maths and English classes take place.

16 - 19 Year Old Students

For all of our 16 -19 year old students you will study maths and English as part of your Study Programme.

• For students who have already achieved a GCSE grade 9 - 4, or  A* - C in maths and/or English  then you will be given the following opportunities:

  • Study for a Level 3 Core Maths qualification
  • Further develop your skills using the College’s online Digital Maths and English Academies

For students who have achieved a GCSE grade 3 - 2 or grade D in maths and / or English then you will study for a GCSE and work towards achieving at least a grade 4 GCSE in maths and / or English.

For those students with a GCSE grade 1 or E - G or students with no GCSE achievement in maths and / or English  you will study a Functional Skill in maths and / or English.

Adult Students

Adult students are welcome to study for a GCSE 9 - 1 or a Functional Skill in maths and English which will be determined by your starting level at application.

Determining your Levels

Before starting your course, all students will complete an initial / diagnostic assessment to determine your maths and English levels that you are currently working at.

Maths and English Targets

All students will be set regular targets to help develop your maths and English skills throughout your time at College.


Homework for maths and English will be set at the end of every maths and English lesson.

Digital Maths and English Academies

You will be introduced to the College’s Digital Maths and English Online Academies during your induction. This is a great resource which will enable you to improve your maths and English skills in class, in the library or at home, in fact anywhere!


Attendance is taken very seriously at Highbury College, we expect excellent attendance from all of our students. Non-attendance is followed up daily and if you fail to attend your regular maths and / or English session without a relevant explanation, then you will be expected to attend one of the additional maths and English sessions in the #motivateME room which are held Monday to Friday between 9am-4.15pm. Your ME tutor will advise you which session to attend.

#MotivateME programme

Here at Highbury College, we want our students to do the best they possible can and exceed all of their expectations. All maths and English students have the opportunity to access our drop-in #motivateME sessions which run daily from 9am-4.15pm. These sessions are a great way to re-cap work you’re unsure of in lessons with one-to-one help from specialist tutors. You’ll find a welcoming place to complete your coursework and homework in an informal, supportive and relaxed environment. For those students who are looking to stretch themselves, the #motivateME room is the perfect place to visit.

Maths Platinum Club

Our GCSE Maths Platinum club offers an excellent opportunity for students who want to stretch and challenge their maths skills to achieve those higher GCSE grades in the 9-1 exams. Students joining this programme are recommended by their GCSE Maths teacher and are invited to attend in the early stages of the course following GCSE diagnostic assessments, predicted grade exam results and overall attitude and attendance to classes.

Aim High English Programme

Our Aim High English Programme offers an exceptional opportunity for students to stretch and challenge their English skills to achieve those higher GCSE grades in the 9-1 exams. Students joining this programme are recommended by their GCSE English teacher, usually early on in the academic year following GCSE diagnostics assessments and overall attitude and attendance to classes. Students will have access to subject specialist teachers in a challenging and supportive environment.

Maths and English Awards / Competitions

All students are encouraged to take part in our monthly #allaboutME competitions with our maths and English questions of the month! Winners receive a £25 Amazon voucher and are celebrated in our #allaboutME Newsletter, on social media and across College communications. Why not drop in to the #motivateME room to complete your entry!

Maths and English Qualifications Offered at Highbury College

  • Level 3 OCR Core Maths
  • Edexcel GCSE 9 - 1 in Maths
  • Edexcel GCSE 9 - 1 in English
  • Entry 1 – Level 2 Edexcel Functional Skills Maths
  • Entry 1 – Level 2 Edexcel Functional Skills English
  • Ascentis Maths and English (stepping stone qualifications)