Think journalism, then think Highbury College – one of the leading NCTJ centres in the UK.

Highbury College enjoys an enviable reputation of producing some of the best journalists working in the industry today. We've been doing so for 50 years, providing quality courses carrying the prestigious National Council for the Training of Journalists’ brand which is recognised by editors.

We have an outstanding record, with the majority of students going straight into work at the end of a course in newspapers, television, radio, marketing and public relations, as well as digital journalism.

Having the stamp of “educated at Highbury” is a bonus on your CV, since employers know the quality of journalists being taught here. Find out here more about the courses and also about Highbury College – winners in 2015 of the NCTJ’s Best Fast Track course in the UK.


Take their word for it…

Journalism Alumni at Highbury College

"I owe an awful lot, if not everything to Highbury. The course was a bit more practical and the lecturers were brilliant – they got you really involved and motivated."

Simon Reeve | BBC Broadcaster

Journalism Alumni at Highbury College

"What Highbury College gave me, and other aspiring journalists, was a solid foundation for a reporting career, and the basics of the job – whether the reporter ends up in newspapers, radio or, like myself, television."

Mark Austin | ITV News

Journalism Alumni at Highbury College

"The course at Highbury offered numerous work experience opportunities, which were invaluable. Getting the diploma truly changed my life and enabled my dreams to become a reality."

Janine Jansen | BBC Spotlight

Journalism Alumni at Highbury College

"The course at Highbury was time well spent in every sense of the word. It is excellent preparation for the industry and worth three times as much as on the job experience."

John Pienaar | BBC News

Journalism Alumni at Highbury College

"I think the teaching at Highbury was brilliant. The course taught me everything I need to know to become a journalist."

Giverny Masso | Solent News Agency

Journalism Alumni at Highbury College

"Having studied at the college after leaving school, Highbury provided me with the best possible start to my career in journalism."

Mark Waldron | The News, Portsmouth

Journalism Alumni at Highbury College

"The NCTJ work at Highbury College gave me the skills and the confidence to realise that my path in life was to be a journalist. And it gave me the grounding to succeed in print, in radio, in television and later in digital media."

Chris Cramer | Wall Street Journal

Journalism Alumni at Highbury College

"There is a reputation associated with Highbury that makes me proud to say I went there; it helped me get a foot in the door as editors know the quality that Highbury produces."

Charlotte Harding | Etc magazine

Journalism Alumni at Highbury College

"I cannot imagine a better place to learn the trade, I would (and do) recommend the course to all those wanting to get into the industry."

Robert Dalling | Local World Media

Journalism Alumni at Highbury College

"A solid news and subbing training enabled me to move from regional press to magazines, public relations, corporate communications and digital."

Sue Hughes | Sue Hughes Ltd

Journalism Alumni at Highbury College

"The NCTJ/Highbury College combination was a passport to success in daily regional newspapers for many of us and, for some, TV news and radio."

Ron Wain | Deep South Media

Journalism Alumni at Highbury College

"I think the best testimony I can provide is this: I completed my course on the Friday and walked into a job, on a local paper, the following Monday."

Tom Cotterill | The News, Portsmouth

Just the job

The media and journalism industries are fast-paced and exciting with real opportunities for talented people with the right qualifications and experience. You could work in television, radio, newspapers or online journalism. An experienced journalist can earn over £40,000. A trainee journalist will earn around £15,000 a year on a local newspaper.