Whichever area of creative design you choose to study at Highbury, you'll be part of something bigger... you'll be become part of the Creative Academy.

The Creative Academy combines art, design, floristry, fashion, digital media and journalism to ensure students benefit from and thrive in a creative atmosphere. You'll also have the opportunity to go on cross department exhibition visits and work on joint projects to replicate the creative workplace.

The Highbury College Creative Showcase

The Highbury College Creative Showcase is our annual extravaganza of all things creative. Happening all on one amazing evening, the event showcases the fantastic work that our art, design, fashion, floristry and digital media students create as part of their qualification. During the evening students past, present and future are invited to join friends, family and the local creative community to enjoy art exhibitions, fashion shows, radio showcases, cinema showreels and floristry displays.

Creative Showcase


Take their word for it…

Just the job

There are many career options for anyone with an art-related qualification. You could find work as a graphic designer, photographer, fashion designer, interior designer, exhibition designer, ceramicist, jewellery maker, illustrator or fine artist. Or you could move on to related job areas such as animation, television, visual merchandising or web design. With additional training you could teach art, work on community art projects or become an art therapist.

Art & Graphic Design

There are a number of roles within the art and graphic design industry. Illustrators create still images that can be used in which then can be used within different areas, such as within publishing, advertising and merchandising. Most work on a freelance basis, so salary and work hours can vary greatly. As a graphic designer, you could use your talents for a range of products, including advertising, magazines, computer games or visual branding. Starting salaries for junior graphic designers can be between £15,000 and £19,000, and senior graphic designers can earn between £35,000 and £55,000.

Design & Fashion

There are many opportunities for people with good design skills and a strong interest in fashion. You could work as a fashion or textile designer or use your technical skills in design and product development as well as work in visual merchandising or photography. There is the potential to earn £60,000 and more, senior designers can pick up £30,000 - £40,000, with starting salaries of around £16,000 to £18,000.


As a florist, with experience and the right combination of design and buying skills you could start your own business. You could also take further training at Level 4/5, and move into areas such as freelance floral decoration, floral design, exhibition work, teaching or international demonstration work. Experienced florists can earn £16,000 to £25,000 a year – and managers even more. Earnings for new entrants can be around the National Minimum Wage.


The media industry is fast paced and exciting with endless opportunities for talented people with the right qualifications and experience. You could go on to work in television, advertising, radio, newspapers, public relations or web journalism. You could also move into marketing and specialise in digital communications. Salaries for radio broadcast assistants and graphic designers start at around £16,000. With experience a web editor can earn around £35,000 a year. Top salaries for an advertising account executive can reach £90,000 a year.


Wages for junior reporter roles within the local newspaper industry typically start at around £19,000. It would normally take you between three and five years to work your way up to a national newspaper or broadcaster.