Toba Javid, ESOL and Access student, is full of praise for Highbury...

“I came to the UK in October 2008. I hardly knew any English at the time, so I started looking for a good college and Highbury was recommended to me. I was accepted at Entry Level 2 (ESOL system)," she said.

"In two years’ time I was a Level 1 student and my name was put forward for an Access course. I passed the entry exam and interview, and things were getting serious. At the end of my one-year Access Course, I achieved the marks needed for the university I had chosen and got an offer from [the University of Portsmouth. 

"It was one of the happiest days of my life. I will start my final year in university in the coming September and I will be able to work in a research laboratory after that. I currently work in a lab as a volunteer, where they carry out research on adult and paediatric brain tumours.”