Nas Sarwar puts his success entirely down to Highbury College…

He first came here around 2006 to study ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages). He went on to complete an Entry Level 3 Office Skills course and then Access to Higher Education. 

Now he’s graduated in Accounting and Finance from Portsmouth University and is planning to get a job as a trainee accountant or go on to complete a Master’s Degree. 

“It’s all because of Highbury College”, he said. “I recommend it from the bottom of my heart. It really worked out for me and I hope it works out as well for all the other students”. 

Proud Nas is pictured with Johanna Whatmore, of Highbury Employment Service REED NCFE. “Nas is a remarkable young man, dedicated and hardworking, and is always polite, respectful and caring… I’m delighted to have been a part of his journey”, she said.