Matt Graveling believes his NCTJ Fast Track in Journalism course at Highbury was responsible for him landing such a great job at Radio 1.

“Having always known I wanted a career in radio, I made it my mission to get an industry job within 12 months of finishing university. However, aged 21, with no relevant experience and a degree in Biology, this proved harder than I’d thought! So when I did finally start working in radio, it was as a volunteer at my local hospital. 

After a year of walking the wards and playing more Vera Lynn than I care to remember, I moved onto commercial radio, and then eventually became a weekend sports assistant at BBC Solent. It was at this point that I encountered a problem, to progress any further, I really needed to be a qualified journalist, and apparently my skills at dissecting a variety of small creatures as a biologist didn’t count! 

At 27 I didn’t really want to go back to full-time education but decided to enrol on a course at an institution it seemed everyone I was working with had been to, Highbury. Seven months later, I was a fully-fledged journo, with certificates to prove it, I even managed to bag my class’s shorthand superstar award too (still on the fridge)! 

As I write this, I’m 30 years old, and work as the weekday breakfast show producer at BBC Surrey, and next month I’m going to Radio 1. 

There’s no doubt in my mind that, although my prior experience was invaluable, had I not gone to Highbury, I’d never have furthered my career or made the incredible friends I picked up along the way. Thanks to everyone who continues to make Highbury so special.”