Claire Bowen is a fine artist who paints landscapes and seascapes. 

In July 2014, she came to Highbury on a Level 3 Adult Enterprise course to give her the knowledge and confidence she needed to set up her own studio.

During her time here she sold her first painting for £900 – and that was just the start! Since then she has indeed set up her own studio and hosted a number of open events. At the first three she sold out of her beautiful work. 

"Doing the Level 3 Adult Enterprise Entrepreneur business course has helped give me the confidence to start my own business and not be so afraid of the admin part. Being dyslexic I was dreading keeping the books and managing the finances of my business but from the tools I have gained from the course and the personal experience gleaned from the teacher I am managing it all very well and my business is flourishing”, she said.