When Charlie Brown left Highbury last year he had a lot more than a diploma – he also had a company with contracts worth more than £100,000.

He came here to study for his BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in System Support and Networking. During the course of his programme he realised that there were very few IT companies providing support to small and medium enterprises in the Solent area. 

With the support of Highbury’s dedicated Centre for Entrepreneurship, he joined forces with his stepfather to set up Stone System Solutions and they quickly won contracts worth more than £100,000. 

They cover all aspects, including web design, database & application architecture, IT system support, accountancy, taxation, book-keeping and legal liquidation services. 

"Before I went to Highbury I just had a basic understanding of IT so it's everything that they taught me that's put me where I am today", he said.