BTECs are work-related qualifications and allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills through practical work.

They offer ideal progression opportunities to the next level in your chosen vocational field and are recognised by employers and universities as an alternative to studying A Levels.

Level 1 BTEC courses are usually taken as a Diploma and provide you with a foundation in your chosen vocational subject. BTEC Level 2 courses can be taken as an extended Certificate (equivalent to two GCSEs) or more usually as a Diploma (equivalent to four GCSEs) Level 3 BTECs take between one and two years to complete. The Level 3 BTEC is available as a Subsidiary Diploma (equivalent to one A Level), Diploma (two A Levels) and an Extended Diploma (three A Levels). A new 90-credit Diploma is equivalent to one-and-a-half A Levels.