Highbury College offers a range of short employability courses to suit all abilities.

Whether you would like to get back into education or develop your career, our short courses are the perfect introduction.


Level 1 OCNL Award in British Values and Citizenship

This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to have an understanding of what British Values are. The course explores what the five British Values mean and how these are implemented within the UK.

Level 1 OCNL Award in Developing Leadership Skills

Suitable for everyone wishing to develop their leadership skills, as preparation for employment, education, personal growth or life skills. This course will examine understanding the key characteristics of an effective leader, understanding the skills involved with being an effective leader, understanding the relationship between a leader and a team and to know how to lead.

Level 1 OCNL Award in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The course is for anyone who would like to develop a basic understanding of the meaning of equality and diversity, and its place in and value to society.

Level 1 OCNL Award in Information, Advice or Guidance

This qualification is aimed at those workers (either paid or unpaid) who are starting out in an information, advice role or whose role involves general signposting or referral to guidance.

Level 1 OCNL Award in Introduction to the Care Industry

The course provides you with an underpinning knowledge and awareness of Adult Social Care, covering many aspects of Adult care with discussion of all aspects of the industry.

Level 1 OCNL Award in Preparing to Work in Schools

This qualification is suitable for those who are about to, or have recently started, or hope to soon be able to, work in a school or learning centre for young people in a non-teaching capacity, either as a paid employee or as a volunteer as well as anyone who would like to improve their existing skills set and knowledge relevant to their role within a school or other learning centre for pupils or young people.

Units may include:

- communicating with children & young people
- understanding conflict in the classroom
- awareness mental health
- understanding safeguarding of children and young people
- supporting English second language
- understand how schools work

Level 1 OCNL Award in Skills for Professions in Business, Administration and Finance

This course aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to progress to further study related to business, administration and finance – including sales and marketing - and ultimately to work in these or related sectors.

Level 1 OCNL Award in Understanding Safeguarding in Working Environment

This course aims to help you understand policies and procedures for safeguarding in preparation for working on an industry placement. You will gain understanding of the policies and procedures relating to safeguarding in a working environment; the importance of safeguarding in a working environment; the key aspects of health and safety regulations in a working environment and how to comply with these; the meaning of the Prevent duty and the key people involved with the Prevent duty in a working environment.

Level 1 OCNL Certificate in Progression - Introduction to Working in a School

This 13-week course is designed for anyone who wishes to work in a school supporting children to learn and flourish. The course consists of seven units covering different elements of supporting a child to learn. Students who wish to apply must get a volunteering position in a school.

Level 2 OCNL Certificate in Skills for Learning Support

This qualification will enable learning support practitioners to understand and support a range of learning difficulties and/or disabilities such as: ADHD, Autism spectrum conditions, learning disabilities, mental ill health and Dyslexia. The qualification also enables learning support practitioners to understand their role in the classroom, and to develop their skills and knowledge.

We also offer CV writing, team building and interview skill short sessions.

Level 3 OCNL Award in Digital Skills for Teaching and Learning

The OCNL Level 3 Award in Digital Skills: Teaching and Learning is for existing training staff in Further Education, schools, independent training providers and Local Authority Education Providers. The purpose of the qualification is to enhance the skills of teachers and trainers to deliver digital skills training and to further develop their own digital skills.

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