Highbury College offers a range of photography courses to suit all abilities.

Courses cover a range of subjects, from basic photography to organising your photographs and learning to use a post production editing software.


*New* Street Photography Workshops

These sessions are designed for those wanting to develop their prior photography knowledge. These creative workshop-based sessions are ideal for photography enthusiasts.


Can book onto one or all sessions:

Tuesday 7th July: 11.00am-13.30pm, Fareham Creek
Wednesday 8th July: 13.00pm -15.30pm, Portchester Castle
Thursday 9th July: 12.00pm – 14.30pm, Canoe Lake, Southsea

Tuesday 14th July: 6-8pm, Fareham Creek
Wednesday 15th July: 6-8pm, Canoe Lake, Southsea

Maximum of 8 people per session (please express your interest).

Please note, you MUST have your own camera (Bridge, DSLR or Mirrorless camera). MUST be able to use your camera out of auto mode.

Please book to avoid disappointment as these workshops are very popular as space is limited.


Mobile: 07464821474
Email: samantha.gott@highbury.ac.uk

Family Portraits

This workshop is designed to capture “fun family moments” while in lockdown. Whilst adhering to social distancing rules and regulations. All sessions MUST be in an outside environment.

Your session must be booked at least 24-hour prior and can only have a maximum of 8 people attending.

Please join me by allowing yours truly to capture memorable family moments in the comfort of the great outdoors.

The photography shoot is completely free, where you can buy prints or a photographic CD for slight charge. You will receive one electronic photograph of your choice via email.

(If interested and want to book for a 1 hour 30-minute session please contact Samantha Gott.)

Mobile: 07464821474
Email: samantha.gott@highbury.ac.uk

Introduction to Basic Photography

This five-week DSLR course is aimed at beginners, enthusiasts and those who wish to refresh their knowledge including those who have recently purchased a DSLR or Bridge camera. If you consider yourself a beginner and are unsure of how to make the most of your camera, then this course is for you. It’s intended to be a brief one-stop shop to help you take your camera off its auto settings and take control of your DSLR.

Next Steps Photography

This three-week DSLR course is great for those who have attended our basic course, or for those who wish to have a better understanding about their camera. The sessions are a mix of instruction, hints and tips, practical exercises, picture reviewing and assignments and is open to those with a DSLR, SLT or bridge camera (not mobile phones or compact cameras).

Introduction to Abstract

This three-hour taster lesson is the perfect introduction to abstract photography by understanding the concept of shape, form, colour, pattern and texture as seen by the artistic viewer.

Specialised Photography - Landscape

This three-week course will introduce you to landscape photography. Landscape photography is probably the most popular; the course will show you how to apply technical theory to convey the intrinsic feeling of each location, produce your own intriguing and daring photographs that will enchant for years to come.

Portrait Photography

Our portrait photography course is for those wishing to learn how to take flattering portraits of friends and family using the full potential of a camera and lenses in any lighting situation. Learn how to create beautiful portraits with the minimum of equipment. You will develop a better understanding of how light affects a portrait and how to make the most of any situation.

Photoshop Elements Organiser

In this one session, you will be shown how to use the organiser part of Photoshop Elements to find or sort and catalogue your library of images which will make you efficient in finding your images.

Photoshop Elements Editor

This five-week course is designed for students who have never used or have just experimented with Photoshop Elements. Within the five weeks we will cover the tools in the toolbox and you will learn how and when to use them on your own images. Further levels are available after successful completion of this course.

Introduction to Photoshop

During the five-week course you’ll learn about the programmes tools and how to enhance images efficiently. Photoshop Elements is simple to use yet extremely powerful in enhancing and manipulating images. It will allow you to use layers to merge images and create amazing effects for both print applications and the internet.


A free alternative to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. This course is an introduction to Darktable and consists of two different modules; lighttable and darkroom. This course is ideal for anyone with a keen interest in enhancing their digital photos.

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