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It's more important than ever to look after your own mental health and the wellbeing of those around you. Our new range of health and wellbeing courses can be delivered online or in a socially distanced classroom environment. These flexible short courses are ideal if you are looking to develop skills and increase your confidence.

Benefits include:

  • the courses are free
  • you can learn online with support from a dedicated tutor
  • you will achieve a nationally recognised qualification, which will look great on your CV.


Level 1 NCFE Certificate in Wellbeing

The course aims to provide you with an underpinning knowledge and awareness in personal health and well-being. Concentrating on Stress, Mental Health awareness, Personal safety and healthy eating and drinking. The course will get you heavily involved in discussions, and with your consent will listen to any experiences you would like to share to give others an awareness in a wide range of mental illnesses.

The subjects and discussion topics will be:
• Introduction to stress and stress management: This will deal with the triggers of stress, types of stress and methods to defeat stress
• Develop an awareness of mental health: this module will ask many questions about mental health but will also involve a lot of discussion within the group.
• Personal safety awareness: here we look into personal safety as we go about our lives.
• Introductory awareness of the importance of healthy eating and drinking for adults. Here we discuss alcohol intake and what is healthy and not.
• Understanding eating disorders. All types of eating disorders will be discussed
• Diabetes awareness in health and care: this session deals with the various aspects of Diabetes, from prevention, management and cure (if any)

You will be required to attend all lessons on each Thursday for seven weeks. Timings and start dates will be given to all student’s once attendees have been confirmed.

Level 1 OCNL Award in Awareness of Health and Wellbeing

This course aims to provide you with an understanding of what is meant by ‘health and wellbeing’ and the lifestyle choices and factors that can affect it. This qualification is useful for those who want to know more about the topic for themselves or others, in a personal, professional or voluntary capacity.

Level 1 OCNL Award in Developing Emotional Resilience

The purpose of this qualification is to help you understand what is meant by ‘emotional resilience’, recognise own personal responses to new social, environmental and emotional situations, and learn ways of developing emotional resilience. This qualification is useful for those who want to develop their own emotional resilience in their personal or professional lives.

Level 1 OCNL Award in Developing Personal Confidence and Self Awareness

This course is for those who want to develop self-confidence and self-awareness in their personal or professional lives. The course aims to help you understand the reasons for feeling confident or unsure of themselves, how to participate more effectively in social situations and manage stress, and how to set goals that increase their self-confidence.

Level 1 OCNL Award in Mental Health and Wellbeing

The focus of this qualification is to raise awareness of mental health issues and how to foster good mental health and wellbeing. The aim is to remove the stigma of mental health by providing an understanding of issues surrounding it. The qualification is useful for those who have contact with the general public through everyday living, including carers, both in domestic and residential care settings, and those providing public services, such as, education, housing, transport and retail, both in employed and voluntary capacities.

Level 1 OCNL Award in Personal Safety Awareness

This Award is useful for those who would like to improve their safety awareness in their personal or professional lives.

Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health Awareness

This distance learning course includes 10 mandatory units: understanding mental health, understanding stress, understanding anxiety, understanding phobias, understanding depression, understanding post-natal depression, understanding bipolar disorder, understanding schizophrenia, understanding eating disorders and understanding dementia.

To join the course you must have a Level 1 (or above) qualification in English. This could include a GCSE at Grade D-G (1-3) or Functional Skills Level 1 or above.

Yoga Therapy

The Art of Mindful Movement, Relaxation and Healing

We will explore Mindful Movement and Relaxation to cultivate internal and external awareness through bodily sensations, while harmonising the movement with breath. This being a self-care practice to harness clarity and create inner calm. The classes are designed to enhance physical and emotional wellness.

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We've teamed up with Portsmouth College to offer a wider range of health & wellbeing courses. Courses offered at Portsmouth College include counselling, fitness, exercise and more.

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