We offer a number of short courses for people who want to develop their creative side.

The courses are fun and informal and the majority are FREE! Please note that you will be asked to bring some resources to some of these classes.


Brush Calligraphy

Develop skills in contemporary and traditional calligraphy, including lettering, layout and illumination.

Card Making

Learn card making, use your style and creativity to make greeting cards for any occasion.

Casting Concrete

Without using any special tools or equipment, you’ll be able to learn the fundamentals of working with concrete to make smaller crafts. You will use standard moulds, moulds with voids, and custom moulds to make your own concrete creation.

Chinese Ink and Brush Painting

Learn the art of using simple and effortless brush strokes to give the impression of a figure or scene.


This course teaches you how to explore and combine a variety of collage techniques using found pictures, drawing, painting and paper to create new images.

Drawing with Charcoal and Chalk

Create gradation and change pressure while sketching. Learn how to use erasers, cloths and blend charcoal drawings to lighten and soften edges.

Drawing with Pencil

Learn how to accurately draw from a simple reference photo using a range of graphite pencils. Learn how to draw, shade, and create gradation with graphite pencils.

Introduction to Ceramics

This is a course for beginners wanting an introduction to working with clay. You'll have the opportunity to explore all types of hand-building techniques, glazing techniques, and getting to grips with clay in general.

Introduction to Creative Writing

This course is designed to help you develop your creative writing style. It is aimed at people with a keen interest in writing and letting their creativity flow. The course includes grammar and punctuation, editing, considering a plot, writing descriptively and writing dialogue.

Introduction to Macrame

This course is designed as an opportunity to learn a new skill in a relaxed environment. During the course you will be guided through the basic knots and techniques required to create beautiful macramé pieces. The main areas covered are: Wall Hanging, Plant Hanger, Floating Shelf and Dream Catcher.

Lino Cutting

This course will help you learn how to plan your own design, transfer it on to lino and cut, ink and print your lino by hand.

Painting with Acrylic

During this course, we will cover materials and set up, colour mixing and pigment choice, brush handling and palette knife techniques and gels and mediums.

Painting with Watercolour

Develop a range of watercolour techniques including traditional, illustrative and abstract styles. Practice observation and interpretation skills for handling watercolour.

Paper Cutting

Learn to paper cut from a template and how to create a template from your own drawing.

Paper Mache

Learn how to use different paper mache techniques; pulping, layering and sculpting to create a range of objects.

Pebble Art

Use nature to create works of art. You will learn how to create simple but effective images using pebbles and drift wood.


This course is designed to teach you basic paper quilling techniques and shapes. This beautiful art is a paper-craft technique used to make coiled embellishments. During the course you will learn the different types of quilling papers and the tools needed to create different effects. You’ll learn how to roll loose and tight coils and form them into flowers, alphabet letters, animals, 3-D shapes and much more.

Sculpting and Modelling with Clay

Learn sculpting and hand building skills while gaining knowledge about different types of clay.

Seasonal Crafts (Easter, Spring & Christmas)

At special times of the year, this course will help you learn how to create beautiful decorations and unique gifts for any seasonal occasion including decorated eggs and Christmas wreaths.


This course is designed to introduce you to fantastic ways to transform unwanted things into something functional, trendy and new. During this course you can learn to reduce your waste and upcycle old items that may alternately end up in the bin!


Learn how to make your own woven wallhanging or decorative fabric from rags.

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