We are an inclusive College with a strong commitment to equality, diversity and community cohesion.

The promotion of equality and diversity is outstanding. Staff plan awareness-raising activities with students well. The college is a very inclusive community and social and educational inclusion is exemplary.

– Ofsted 2011.


To view and download Highbury’s Single Equality Scheme and related Equality documents please use these links:

Highbury College's Equality Policy (2017-19)

Highbury College's Single Equality Scheme (2017-20)
(inc. Equality & Diversity objectives and action plan)

Highbury College's Equality & Diversity Annual Report (2017/18)

For alternative formats of the College’s Equality Schemes, please contact info@highbury.ac.uk

Continued feedback is positively encouraged. If you would like to comment on our Single Equality Scheme or other equality documents, please contact us at info@highbury.ac.uk