Student Notice - Parking Information

Effective from the 11th March 2019 (“live” date), UK Car Park Management LTD will be monitoring and managing All car parks of Highbury College.

The car parks will be managed in two ways:

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition at Highbury Campus (including the Sports Centre) Only
  • Car park warden patrols for all sites

UK Car park Management LTD will be dealing directly with all Penalty Charge Notices (currently at £100) and the administration thereof.

Please can all students therefore ensure that they have applied for their parking permits at All Campuses by Friday the 8th March 2019 latest, and ensure that they have received their permits before the “LIVE” date.

This will allow us to ensure that students who have a valid permit are automatically included into a database on UK Car Park Management LTD’s system.

Frequently Asked Questions

I own two vehicles?

Please ensure both vehicle registration numbers are listed on your parking application/held in Estates.

I have to drop someone off?

There will be a 30 minute allowance for those who need to drop off items for work on a particular day. This allowance is server monitored and therefore controlled.

I have to collect someone from College?

A 30 minute allowance will apply to those who need to collect/drop off someone at College.

I study in the evening outside of normal college hours?

Students who study at Highbury Campus or the Sports Centre after 4.00pm will need to register their vehicle at Reception (via the Car Park tablet) and select the number of hours they will be on site for, if they are registered with Estates and already have a permit they will not need to do this.

Non- half terms and holiday periods?

The Car Park Management company will be informed of the holiday periods of the College and will not issue Penalty Charge Notices during these periods.


The Car Park Management Company will be notified of events and their respective dates, Penalty Charge Notices will not be issued on these days.  

Students who do not park in their allocated bays?

Students who are allocated a permit and do not park in student parking spaces will be issued a Penalty Charge Notice (via the Car Park Warden service). This will be monitored using student Parking Permits, which must always be displayed by Students when parking on site.

Please feel free to contact Estates with any further questions which you may have.

Download the full student parking policy here